Other Summer Stuff

I wrote in the May rant that your primary mission this summer is to CHILL AND RELAX and maybe make a buck or two to chip in to the old college fund, and I'm sticking with that story.                

That said, let me again remind you that it's not too late to try and arrange a LIMITED (3 - 4 hours/week), VOLUNTEER internship with a person or business or agency which represents your fledgling (and I want to emphasize the word fledgling - don't overthink this!) academic and/or career interest.

For example:

  • future poly sci folks: find a political campaign to get involved in;
  • health sciences folks: talk to your local health clinic or physical therapist or veterinary hospital or athletic trainer to see if they're looking for eager beaver volunteers;
  • writers/journalists/communication folks: find a local fishwrap or magazine and offer your services.

Remember, you're offering up your labor FOR FREE - much easier to get someone to say "yes" to that than it is to grovel for a job. But it's all in the approach - how you present yourself is key!!!

An internship just may pay off with those college applications.

Curious to know more about ways to find such a volunteer gig? Don't be a stranger - get in touch with me! (HINT: your resume which I mentioned above is a key tool here. )