Cover Letter Example

(Remember that this is AN EXAMPLE. Your cover letter needs to reflect YOUR particulars. Write it in business letter format...)


Eleanor Rigby

46 Abbey Road

Portland, Maine  04104

(207) 727-2727


Office of Admissions

University of New Hampshire

4 Garrison Avenue Avenue

Durham, NH 03824


Dear Sir or Madam, (use a name if you have one)

I’ve recently submitted my (early decision/early action) application for fall entry to the class of 2022 at the University of New Hampshire. I'm writing you now to send you some additional items and to tell you about some things which may not be readily apparent from that on-line application.

Ever since my visit last month, I’ve been extremely excited about UNH - you are my first choice for where I hope to attend college the next four years (or, for schools that are not your first choice, you can say ‘you are one of my top choices for where I hope to spend the next four years’.)

(This is where you mention if you've established a 'pen pal' relationship with a coach, professor or faculty member):

For the past three months I've had the opportunity to correspond with Professor Potrzebie in the linguistics department, and when I visited recently I met with her and got to sit in on a class. Her willingness to answer my questions and to explain to me the many opportunities open to a linguistics major has further confirmed that UNH is exactly the type of school, with the type of caring faculty, where I can receive an excellent education.

In addition to receiving my high school transcript and letter from Ms Lovely Rita, my guidance counselor,  I have asked two teachers to send letters of support: Mr. Mustard (calculus),  and Mr. Maxwell Silver (U.S.  History). These letters have been uploaded to the common application. I’ve also taken the liberty to ask for two additional letters from folks who know me very well outside of the classroom: Ms Pepper (my band instructor), and Mr. Octopus (my swim coach) to write on my behalf as well. You will be receiving them through the mail shortly.

I’d like to call your attention to the extra piece of writing I did concerning my Eagle Scout Project, which I included in the “additional information” section of the writing portion of the Common Application. (for schools which did not allow you to upload your resume say): I’ve also enclosed a copy of my resume with this letter.

(If you have no ‘show and tell’ piece skip the following paragraph)

Finally, I've enclosed a brief (short story) (sample of poetry)  (collection of photos) (collection of sketches) (audio tape of me playing the fluegelhorn) (cd rom) to demonstrate something I do in my spare time.  (This is your "show and tell" piece if you have one - ask me if you're not sure about this!)

I am hopeful that you will be willing to include and review this supplemental material as part of your evaluation of my candidacy. I’ll anxiously await hearing whether I will be accepted.  I look forward to being a part of the UNH community next fall!

Thank you for your consideration,


Eleanor Rigby