For Juniors From the College Guy: May 6th (and June 3) SAT and SAT Subject Tests

Hey once again to the Class of 2018 - so how’d you Maine kids like the SATs yesterday? Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick? Hope so!

READ THIS, and pay attention, cause it’s a little complicated trying to explain this in an email. But you wanna know this stuff!

Tomorrow (April 7) at midnight is the last chance to register (without a late fee) for the May 6th SAT or SAT subject tests. 

Not everyone needs to take the subject tests. Only about 50 of the most selective colleges require them BUT there are good reasons why honors students who aspire to selective colleges should try them. Read this:

…and this:

But DON’T pay attention to the list at the first site of colleges which “require, recommend or consider” SAT subject tests - it’s bogus and way too long cause nearly EVERY college will consider the darned tests, but that doesn’t mean you need to take them. If you want to know whether a particular college requires subject tests check their web page, or give me a holler and I’ll tell you.

Maine students who took the SAT Reasoning Test yesterday can consider either the May 6th or the June 3rd date for the subject tests. The advantage to taking them on May 6th is that the date coincides with the studying some of you are doing for your AP tests like Calculus, English, one of the sciences (Bio, Chem or Physics) or APUSH. Makes sense to take the danged subject tests at the same time while you’re fired up and ready to go, doesn’t it?

Non-Maine students should plan on taking the SAT for the first time on May 6th or June 3rd, and take subject tests on the other date (if you’re planning to take subject tests). 

The registration deadline for the June 3 tests is May 9th, in case you’re wondering.

Now if you’re thinking “Huh? What’s up with the SAT Subject Tests?”, go back and read the two links above. Like I said, it’s hard explaining it to a mixed group of readers so if you’re still confused write or phone me (number below) and I’ll set you straight about them. Ditto for questions about the ACT, which I’m not even going to bring up further but some of you may want to consider taking on June 10. (Don’t be bashful - there’s no fee for email or phone schmoozing!)

Just sayin’, tomorrow midnight is the deadline, so don’t fall asleep at the wheel here. If you register late they’ll ding you for a $28 late fee. 


Expect another rant from me soon on how to visit a college. With school vacation coming up for most of you it’s a good time for getting on the road and seeing a campus or three.


Like some good reading? Here are three provocative pieces related to the college application process. The first one is about gap years. The second is an opinion piece bemoaning what’s really important about the type of person you are, as opposed to what actually gets evaluated during the application process. And the third is a treatise on the concept of “leadership” which every student, parent, and National Honor Society advisor should read and take to heart.

Happy reading!


From your scholastic sachem, your higher ed honcho, your pedagogic pioneer, your ivory-tower torchbearer,


Gary the College Guy


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