Continue Researching Colleges

Use the summer to be actively working on compiling your "Top 10" list - the ten schools you're most interested in applying to at any given time. Remember that this is meant to be a FLUID list - schools get knocked off, and come back on - over the process.

Recall my four step system of getting leads, then getting facts, then getting the college to send you their propaganda, and last - the most time consuming - find out what each college is all about using the internet, books, facebook groups, visiting, writing emails and 'pen pal' letters to coaches, professors, and students.
Recall also that finding the "right" college is a bit of a myth propagated by colleges which want you to apply to them (it's all about MARKETING!!!) and college consultants (present company excepted, natch) who want you to believe that they can steer you to the "perfect fit".
It don't work that way bucko!
There are hundreds of "perfect fits" for you, and IMHO you're not going to know whether you've found one till November or December of your freshman year on campus, so DON'T SWEAT IT and follow my advice from above. Learn about schools, talk about schools, entertain opinions, and don't stress over this widely (and wildly) misunderstood step.
I find these two web site very useful for helping with your research:
Check 'em out, and if you want some pointers about the college selection process, you know where to find me.
One last note: read this, and don't be like this guy/family. Can you say excessive? (you'll need to cut and paste this URL in to your browser to see it):