Summer Visits

Summer is a great time to try and find out what each college is all about and whether it's worthy of a place on your list. However I'm not a big fan of summer visiting because there's just not much "collegiate" going on on all but large University campuses. If you're going to visit over the summer look for "open house" days when the college will assemble professors and students to show you around...otherwise you could be visiting a ghost town.

Better to plan now for the three/four day weekends you've got coming up next fall around Columbus and Veterans Days for your road trips. Mom and dad, clear those calendars!
Prior to doing a college visit you should reread my February rant on "How to Visit a College". If you want I'll be happy to send it (or resend it) to you.
Students, ff you'd like send me your lists as they develop and I'll send you my comments and input - I like seeing them (so who ever said I WASN'T weird?) and I may have a suggestion or several for you.