SATs and Their Ilk

Since my last correspondence all of you have taken the May and/or June SATs and received your Reasoning Test scores, and a bunch of you have boldly forayed in to the June Subject Tests and the ACT. Some of you have even told me about them, eliciting a discussion of what to anticipate in the way of planning and prepping for next fall. If you'd like to share your scores with me, and perhaps your corresponding questions and anxieties as in: "how the heck am I gonna get in to Pomona if I can't break 1500???", or "Who cares about the Writing Score and why should I?", or "What's the ACT all about it and might it be good for me to take?" or "How should I prepare for Round Two of these fershlugginer tests this fall?"... ...please drop me a line. I'll have some suggestions for prepping for next fall, including a list of courses and tutors I recommend if you're considering going that route.

Note that the SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests will be offered this fall on the following dates (the the deadline for signing up in parenthesis after each one):

  • October 6 (September 7)
  • November 3 (October 4)
  • December 1 (November 1)
  • January 26 (December 28th)

The ACT test will be offered:

  • September 8 (August 17) I recommend that you NOT take the ACT on this date, but wait till the October date so that your prep for SAT and ACT can overlap - preparing for one will get you ready for the other. For sure there are differences between the tests (refer to my March rant - or let me know if you'd like me to send that one to you), but they're not that great and prepping for them both at the same time makes the most sense to me.
  • October 27 (September 21)
  • December 8 (November 2)
  • February 9 (January 11)

Those later dates (even January and February) are NOT TOO LATE to test. Other than applying early decision, scores from a late test can be sent to your colleges and will be received in a timely fashion for consideration. Trust me on this. While I'm on the subject, it's only fitting to share the news that the list of schools adopting a "test-optional" admissions policy continues to grow. Read all about it here: For a complete and searchable list of test-optional schools go to: The Fairtest web site ( is chock full of cool takes on why the SATs and the ACTs are not the best measure to use for college selection - check it out! If you find the testing game troubling and/or confusing (which tests to take, when to take them, how to prepare, whether to retake, yadda yadda), don't hesitate to give the old College Guy a holler. That's why I'm here!