The Resume

Now is the time to be putting together an annotated resume which sings your praises in a non-ostentatious way (good SAT word there - look it up!)
This is a tool you'll get lots of use out of over the coming year, from including with your college application, to giving to folks whom you ask for a letter of recommendation, to looking for summer jobs and internships and writing "pen pal" letters to coaches and professors.
Those of you who have met with me know exactly what I'm talking about - many of you already have your resume done (make sure you update it with your final junior year grades and your new GPA, as well as all the cool things you're doing this summer). If we haven't met and you're curious, contact me and I'll send you an example of what I'm talking about...or if you've been considering meeting with me and you haven't yet...well what're you waiting for?!!!