The Common Application

Hey class of 2014,

Much like Steve Martin’s inane character Navin R. Johnson in his 1979 movie “The Jerk”, who runs pell mell down the street upon seeing his name in print for the first time as a homeowner, declaring to anyone within earshot:

“The New Phonebook is Here! THE NEW PHONEBOOK IS HERE!!!!”

…I find myself filled with excitement and a desire to pronounce to all near and far, whether they give a plugged nickel about it or not: “THE NEW COMMON APPLICATION IS HERE!!”

And this year in particular there is a brand spanking new, user friendlier Common Application, which you can now access, register for free, and – wonder of wonders – begin filling out what will become (for most of your colleges) your bona fide, actual college application!!!

So join in my excitement (yeah, I’m a nerd, no question!) and go to this web site: The Common Application and click on the “create an account” link, register and get your college applications started!!

Note that they need numbers, letters (one capital, one lower case) and a symbol (!@#$%^&*) in your eight to sixteen character password. Make sure you write down your password (and don’t be too cute – you don’t want to lose it!).

After you’re registered go to the “College Search” link and type in the name – or partial name – of a college from your top 10 list and hit “search”. Click the box next to the correct school that shows up and then click “Add”. Do this for every school on your list (don’t be exclusive at this stage – you can add and remove schools freely over the next five months) and then go to your ‘Dashboard’ and voila, there’s your college list!

Now begin filling out the common application. Note that with the exception of the writing and activities sections, all the other sections are easily completed.

So there you have your next assignment campers: register and then fill out the “Profile”, “Family”, “Education” and “Testing” sections of the common application! You’re underway!!!


For those of you planning to take the October 5th SAT, don’t forget to usemy eight week self-prep system to prepare. Costs you nothing but the cost of this book:

The Official SAT Study Guide with DVD

Which most of you already have. I sent an email last March explaining the system. If you want to see it again let me know and I’ll resend it to you.

Note bene: The start point (T minus 8 weeks) for the October test date is August 12. If you’re going to wait till the Nov. 2nd test date to retake the SAT Reasoning test, the start point for my self-prep system is September 9.

Give me a call or email if you want to check in, chat about your college list and/or get help organizing a ‘to do’ list for the remainder of the summer and the fall.

And remember to relax, it’s summer vacation! Enjoy the sun!

From Gary, your College Guy!