Check your October SAT scores, and plan ahead!

Hey Seniors!
If you took SATs in October (the reasoning test or the subject tests) your scores are now available at the collegeboard web site.
Check them out, and let me know what they are!
Next Thursday (Nov. 1) at midnight is the deadline for the December 1 SAT (both the reasoning test and the subject tests are offered), and contrary to what you might have heard that's NOT TOO LATE to take the test and get scores to colleges in a timely manner. For that matter, neither is the next test administration - January 26th.***
If you're thinking otherwise give me a holler and I'll explain why that's so.
The results of your October tests may inform your future testing strategy: whether to take one of the above tests, and also whether or not to try the ACT, whose next offering is on December 8th (sign up deadline is November 2, next Friday).
Ah decisions, decisions. If you're in the unpleasant throes of them, let me hear from you - call or email me and I'll respond! And remember - these are just imperfect, banal tests which in the big picture (your future!) won't amount to a hill 'o beans. Check out this web site: 
if you need further convincing of that (it's also where you can access the list of "test-optional" colleges which don't require standardized test scores.)
Stay groovy!
*Yes you're correct that Dec. and Jan. testing is indeed too late for Early Decision and Early Action consideration, UNLESS you get deferred by your ED/EA colleges. Then wouldn't it be nice for them to see some higher scores when you send them their way before Xmas or in mid-February?
P.S. If you're signed up to take the November 3rd SAT test (either one) or the October 27th ACT, good luck to you! Read my rant called "The Night Before the SATs" on my web site (URL below) for light-hearted last minute instructions, and send those scores my way when you receive them in mid-November.
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